Memphis BioWorks ZeroTo510 Program

I truly believe that Memphis, Tennessee is the best city for medical devices. The medical device community here is expansive but close-knit; there are always former colleagues and friends to be found working on new and exciting ventures.

HandMinder Co-Founder Yu Liu, MD, PhD, shows off an early
prototype of the device. Photo courtesy Commercial Appeal.
Last week, the Memphis BioWorks Foundation hosted their ZeroTo510 Investor Day, where 6 start-ups presented their novel technologies and launch plans. The ZeroTo510 program is the first of it's kind in the nation; yet another reason why I think Memphis is THE place to be. (You can read more about the ZeroTo510 program on their website.) I was thrilled to be a part of the program, and had the honor of introducing one of the young companies, HandMinder, at the event.

I initially became involved with HandMinder as a marketing advisor, but find myself becoming more and more personally invested. The team designed a patent-pending device that to easily and cost-effectively rehabilitate stroke patients who suffer from hand dysfunction. It's a groundbreaking technology platform, and the team has a truly mind-boggling amount of neuroscience research experience. It's the beginning of an exciting partnership - they truly have much to teach me, and in return, I hope to teach them a bit about branding and launching not only a product, but an entire business. Very exciting stuff indeed.